Compact Wheel Drives

Modular AGV Subassemblies

NIDEC-SHIMPO has earned a solid reputation within the robotics sector as the leader in high volume, high precision, gearbox and motor technologies. Our deep partnerships and long history within the industry have given us extensive expertise at developing wheel-drive transmission assemblies for AGV’s and mobile service robotics.

Drive Pack Features

  • Extremely compact, in-hub planetary design
  • Bearing and internal structure are ideal for applications with a maximum radial load capability up to 799 kg (1762 lb)*
    *Drive wheel only
  • Standard design utilizes a 200 W or 400 W BLDC NIDEC motor with either 9:1, 21:1 or 28:1 reduction ratios
  • Available options such as encoders, thermistor temperature output or a brake can be added to the motor
  • Ancillary items for mounting the wheel drive, housing the control, or cable management are available